An unforgettable memoir about promise, suffering, and unimaginable love which was regularly sprinkled with good humor while being written.

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About the Author

Former educational tutor, small business owner, and part-time freelance news and feature article writer, Merrie H. Reagan resides in Massachusetts. She savors reading, writing, ballroom dancing, singing, homemaking, and yard work. Life Flashes is her first book.

About Life Flashes

A work in diary form written from 2007 to 2021, Life Flashes: A Memoir opens with author Merrie Reagan undergoing a spiritual conversion. As the work moves forward, Merrie interacts from near and far with national, local, personal, and animal figures. Life Flashes: A Memoir is an account of recovery beyond illness, unemployment, and broken relationships. It is a testament demonstrating that profound love remains amid and beyond all life circumstances.


A Q&A With the Author

What inspired Merrie’s memoir?

What was the most difficult part of writing your memoir?

What has Life Flashes taught you about life?

What advice would you give to someone thinking of writing a memoir?

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